(Ages 8 & up) Tap is an energetic style of dance that places a focus on rhythm and percussion. Dancers wear shoes that have metal heel and toe taps. Rhythmic skills are developed as the feet become percussive instruments. Strength and control of the legs, ankles, and feet are increased. Tap develops a strong sense of rhythm, coordination and agility. Class emphasis is placed on developing proper technique, learning challenging combinations, and developing a sense of presentation and style.

Tiny Tots

(Ages 3-4) Watch your child go from beginner to ballerina while adventuring into the world of ballet and tap. Your young dancer will experience basic rhythm and tap choreography, as well as the foundations of ballet.

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Tippy Toes

(Ages 4-5) Build on your child’s love of dance in a caring and nurturing environment. Carefully planned lessons will include ballet and tap technique and are designed to boost your child’s confidence and help develop an independent, confident young dancer.


(Ages 5-7) Your child’s confidence will soar as they experience this ballet/tap/jazz combination class. Basic rhythm and tap choreography, fundamentals of jazz, as well as the foundations of ballet, will be taught.