Intensive Program

Take your training to the next level! This invitation-only program is for dancers who want to commit to a more extensive, well-rounded dance program.

Ages 7 & Up

Classes are available in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Acro, Contemporary, Pointe and Stretch & Strength. Taking classes in other styles is available, but optional. Dancers who are invited to participate in this program will be placed in levels by recommendation of their teachers.

Intensive Silver - (Ages 7-12)
Required classes: Intensive Silver Ballet and Intensive Silver Jazz

Intensive Lime - (Ages 9-14)
Required classes: Intensive Lime Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and Stretch & Strength

Intensive Purple - (Ages 12-18)
Required classes: Intensive Purple Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Stretch & Strength and one additional elective of choice.

high school and advanced academy dance classes

The Intensive Program is perfect for:

  • Dancers with previous training who want a more intensive program
  • Dancers who have more time to commit to a dance program
  • Dancers who want a more well-rounded dance program
  • Dancers who wish to surround themselves with other dancers who want to train at a more intense level
  • Company Dancers or dancers who wish to join our Company in the future